The Brain is a key organ

Brain & Mind together make up the core of a person's being and their relationship with society and within the society.

The more we study and understand the Brain and the Mind the more we realize it is a very complex system with many influences on an individual’s health.

The Sustainable Brain Health Institute has begun its work by prioritizing the subjects that impact Brain Health that a person can manage immediately on an individual basis to improve their brain health and ultimately their general health.

Accordingly we have selected Pollution, Stress, Physical Activity and Nutrition because these are four determinants on general public Brain Health


A few years ago we were lacking information and research on the impact of Pollution on Brain Health. Today that is no longer the case. Across the globe researchers are discovering more and more on the correlation between the Brain and Pollution.


For several years now, the link between stress and Brain Health has been established and well documented. Cognitive sciences give a new perspective on this subject and stress management is now at the forefront of the Healthy Work environment initiative.

Physical Activity

More and more data are now available demonstrating the correlation between an active body and Brain Health.


For centuries visionaries have been stating that the food a person eats has a bearing on their state of mind and health. In the 20th Century the phrase “You are what you eat“ was coined


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