SBHI’s story:

Today, Brain Health is a Public Health priority, the economic costs of brain disorders are correspondingly large and the patient who wants to be able to ensure sustainable brain health lacks adequate access either to the quickly evolving science or to the right medical professionals for suitable prevention information or interventions or to both.

In response, Véronique Narboni and Pauline Harper, professionals in the health communications field, share a common vision: they aim to decrease the cost and negative impact of brain disorders on society and ensure that the adequate information is readily available together with access to suitable interventions.

In order to achieve this, Dr. Narboni and Ms. Harper have created The Sustainable Brain Health Institute (SBHI) to help all people across the globe seek sustainable brain health.

Together, they knew it was urgent to act and preserve as much as possible the Brain Health of all citizens. It is not only an economic burden that is at stake but more so an enormous emotional and human burden.

Among other strategies SBHI will mobilise the multi-stakeholders capable of influencing key players involved in Brain Health or Health Promotion. This includes those involved in the medical treament as well as those involved in the fields of medico-social, environment, socio-economic policy and socio-cultural norms.

Dr. Narboni, an M.D., with a G.P. practice in Paris, has been working in Brain Health directly or indirectly for more than 20 years: first with Psychotropic medication in the pharmaceutical sector, then in joining a WHO project at the Karolinska Institute on “Guideline for suicide prevention among school” part of the overall SUPRE (Suicide Prevention) program, finally, in leading a small start-up specialized in Brain training. Beyond this, Dr. Narboni sees with her patients the strong connections existing between their overall health and their Brain Health balance.

Ms. Harper’s experience in Brain Health is personal; with family members having suffered from dementia and Attention Deficit Disorder.

It took many years for the Sustainable Brain Health Institute project to take shape, with a couple of more years for it to go from a vision to a reality. Now it is finally achieved! These two friends are keen to help individuals and families everywhere have access to the best and most up-to-date information on Brain Health, in a language that is easy to understand, together with the right tools at the right time to maintain Brain Health and to ”keep your brain in mind” !


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